Reformer Exam Preparation Workshop


This is a 2 hour workshop to prepare you towards your STOTT PILATES reformer exam. It may also help with those doing a mat/reformer exam too.

The workshop includes:-

  1. Clear instructions on how to prepare for your exam
  2. Suggestions on what topics to revise alongside example theory questions
  3. A brief outline of what should be covered during the postural analysis (no full postural analysis on this workshop. The postural analysis workshop has this:)
  4. Clarity in what areas you are assessed on during your practical exam
  5. An example 10-15 minutes delivery of the basic principles and what aspects to cover
  6. Student question and answers
  7. A PDF including all of this content for you to keep.

This workshop will provide you with all of the information that you require for your exam. However, if you feel you need to further build on your confidence in teaching and other skills and you like to experience a more of a guided learning route. Victoria Roper offers a 6 week IP programme that has helped many students pass these exams. Please refer to and click in the IP Programme for details.

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