Integrating the Pilates Method: Scoliosis 

This is a must see for any pilates teacher dealing with scoliosis in their clients.


Approximately two hours and half hours long, this workshop is a must for any pilates teacher dealing with scoliosis.
This workshop covers much of the theoretical information around scoliosis, looking at muscle imbalances and what ‘Cobb angles’ mean. We look at the most common presenting curves and how the body ‘twists and turns’ in order to keep the eye line level to the horizon. Discussions around idiopathic scoliosis and congenital scoliosis leads us to relevant exercises for your clients.
We also look at the exercises that are best for your clients, as well as those strong clients that still want a workout and what we need to focus on as students in order to find the best balance within the imbalance.
This workshop includes a forty minute practical session working with both the mat and the apparatus.
This workshop forms part of the Post Graduate Pilates Certificate: Integrating the Pilates Method for Long Term Medical Conditions.
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