Integrating the Pilates Method: Osteoporosis

This workshop covers the theory that you need to know behind osteoporosis alongside current exercise guidelines.


How confident do you feel in teaching pilates to someone who has osteoporosis? Are you concerned that you may be giving them the wrong advice? Do you need reassurance that pilates is an excellent method of exercise for those with this condition.
Approximately two and a half hours, this workshop covers the theory and structure of bone development and ultimately, bone regression. It looks at bone mineral density (BMD) and how the ‘laying down’ of our osteoblasts and osteoclasts have a huge impact on BMD as we age
We also look at the associated conditions to osteoporosis and how this may affect your exercise programmings. This workshop also incorporates the current health and exercise guidelines in the UK (2021).
Once we have gained the knowledge of what potential issues may need to be addressed, you will find 45+ minutes of mat-based pilates exercises that you can use to teach your clients. The last part is dedicated to a modified reformer workout along side some additional exercises on the cadillac and high chair. A must for anyone teaching people with osteoporosis.
This workshop forms part of the Post Graduate Pilates Certificate: Integrating the Pilates Method for Long Term Medical Conditions.
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