Integrating the Pilates Method: Pregnancy + the Post Natal period 

This two hour 20 minutes webinar covers the theory of pregnancy and post natal.


Approximately two hours and 20 minutes long this workshop covers everything you need to know when teaching pregnant clients and those who are in the post-natal period. We firstly look at the different stages of pregnancy and the adaptations that occur with the body. We also look at potential complications and what exercises may need to be omitted as the pregnancy progresses.
Exercise guidelines have been taken from the current ACOG guidelines (2020) where it is advised that pregnant women carry on their exercise programme as normal as possible.
The workshop covers a range of exercises and modifications that may be suitable as the pregnancy progresses as well as some points to focus on post nasally too. Exercises are both mat-based and apparatus too. This is a must for anyone dealing with pre and post natal clients.
This workshop forms part of the Post Graduate Pilates Certificate: Integrating the Pilates Method for Long Term Medical Conditions.
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