Integrating the Pilates Method: Cancers (Breast, Bowel and Colon)

This 2 plus hour webinar takes a look at cancer. We look at the most common cancers in the UK, theory and stages of cancers in particular with breast and colon cancer.


This two and a half hour workshop discusses the most common cancers in the UK. The most common four cancers are; breast, colorectal (bowel/colon), lung and prostate cancers. The workshop covers the theory and progression of each of the cancers, alongside prevalence and prognosis,
Once we have understood the different stages and types of cancer we look at how exercise, in particular, pilates can help clients return to health, especially those who have had a surgical intervention.
This workshop covers the most relevant exercises and where the main focus should be, alongside exercises to avoid or modify initially, especially whilst ‘healing’ is still taking place. This workshop will help you understand what your client has been through before coming to you to help them become more functionally independent once more. A must for all fitness professionals dealing with clients/patients with cancer.
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