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This course takes an inspired look at the repertoire within Joseph Pilates “Return to life”.

Between them, Alison and Julie take each exercise and look at the essential elements of each movement and the skills necessary to master it.

The work is separated into spinal movement components and includes helpful tips and cues to progress clients through to the full ‘Return to Life’, without losing the essence of the method or compromising technique, thereby reducing any risk of injury.

Alison and Julie have combined their knowledge and experience gained over 40 years, in both the classical and contemporary method of Pilates, to bring you ‘A Mat Mastermind’.

Their ‘easy to grasp’ concepts will change both how you teach and how you view Pilates.



Spinal extension is the partner to spinal flexion. Once again we are aiming to gain even articulation and extension throughout the spine. The focus on simple, effective exercises to improve…


This session focuses on understanding where spinal rotation comes from and how to move sequentially and evenly avoiding any unwanted movement that may creep in. ( E.G sinking – spinal…

Side Bending

Lateral flexion is possibly the most challenging plane of movement for clients to master. This session uses the skills built in the previous sessions enabling both you and your client…

Series of 5

The title says it all! We all love the series of 5, but how many clients truly “feel” the series of five? This session builds upon and challenges the skills…


This session consolidates all the previous sessions as we build to the pinnacle of the Control/Balance.By focusing on the skills developed, you should now have a thorough understanding of how…

34 in 50

The culmination of the work. All the teaching points and information layered during the course come together as Julie and Alison combine their teaching to deliver Jospeh Pilates full “Return…

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