Freedom Class Pass

The flexibility that the Freedom Class Pass gives you is essential for busy people like yourselves. The pass allows you the ability to choose what type of class you want to do, dipping in and out of the mat, reformer or tower sessions to suit your schedule.

Sometimes we cannot commit to a full 6 week block, so this class pass is for you to do exactly that.

Each time you want to book a class, you can contact me or book directly and you will receive the zoom link in preparation for the class itself to participate live. An added bonus is that you will receive a link to the recording of the session too to be able to either observe or re-do in your own time.

Buy 10 sessions for £130.00. (originally £150.00)


Introducing the Freedom Class Pass.  If you are unable to commit to 6-week blocks of classes, this product is exactly what you need. 

With each class you participate in, you will receive a link for the ‘live’ class and the recording of the session too.

Buy 10 sessions for £130.00. (originally £150.00)

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