• Practical Session: Express Reformer Workout

    1 Lessonin
    • Practical Session: Express 30 Reformer Class - £10

    An express 30 minutes workout that Alison takes you through. This can be squeezed in between clients or easily performed during a really busy day. Have fun

  • Practical Session: Advanced Classical Repertoire Matwork (Garden workout)

    1 Lessonin

    This is a fun and fast workout. A full 55 minutes whizzing through the whole classical repertoire. This is filmed in the garden with a visit from a special furry friend

  • Practical Session for Shoulder Issues (apparatus/equipment)

    1 Lesson
    • Modified Practical Session for Shoulder Issues (apparatus) - £15

    Approximately 45-50 minutes of exercises that are great to use with any shoulder issue. This session uses the cadillac, chairs and ped-i-pull; however they could easily be adapted for the mat with a resistance band or similar. Check this session out:)

  • Practical Session for Lower Back Issues (Reformer) Workout

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    • Modified Practical Session for Lower Back Issues (Reformer) - £15

    Approximately 55 minutes demonstrating how the reformer can be taught to those with lower back issues. This workout will help you feel a little more confident in your programming. Some conditions prefer more flexion-biased exercises whilst others prefer extension biased exercises. Find out more by going to my online webinar.

  • Intermediate/Advanced Reformer

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    • Intermediate/Advanced Reformer Class - £15

    Hi Guys. A quick 30-35 minutes workout with both intermediate and advanced exercises in:)) Come and enjoy a workout with me:)

  • 'Thinking out of the Box' Practical Workshop

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    • 'Thinking out of the Box' Practical Workshop - £15

    Do your clients have problems lying down or getting up and down from the the floor. This practical workshop is for you. This 55-60 minutes modified pilates session incorporates many standing, seated and four point kneeling exercises that you can provide your client. All you need is a resistance band. Have Fun:)

  • Long Term Medical Conditions Examination Paper

    2 Lessons
    • Post Graduate Pilates Certificate: Integrating the Pilates Method with Long Term Medical Conditions (Exam Paper) - £120

  • Cancers

    1 Lesson
    • Integrating the Pilates Method: CancersĀ (Breast, Bowel and Colon) - £35

  • The Nervous System

    1 Lesson
    • The Nervous System and Associated Conditions - £35

  • Connective Tissue Disorders

    1 Lesson
    • Connective Tissue and Associated Conditions - £35

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